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Potomac Valley Tobacco Pine Reclaimed Flooring


Potomac Valley Tobacco pine flooring embodies all the best qualities of reclaimed wood. These planks look like they were pulled directly from the past and have original saw marks along the surface that provide exceptional character. This reclaimed flooring for sale comes in large plank sizes and has beautiful brown hues that will turn your floor into a focal point.


Pine boards reclaimed from antique 19th-century tobacco barns located on expansive private ranches. Although the ranches weren't located in Montana, we wanted to reflect our Montana Roots - hence the name Potomac Valley


  • Thickness: Potomac Valley Tobacco pine reclaimed softwood flooring is all precision milled to 3/4-inch thick.
  • Size: These planks are big and wide, just like the Potomac River, with 3- to 12-inch widths and 2- to 12-feet lengths.
  • Appearance: This reclaimed flooring has a rough-sawn look that you can feel with attractive markings and knots.
  • Tones: The colors on these planks range between a light and gorgeous honey tone to a dark and lustrous brown.
  • Pricing: Our Potomac Valley Tobacco pine reclaimed flooring varies per square foot. Plesae contact us for pricing

About the Region

Montana didn't have tobacco barns, but we do have beautiful ranch country and we wanted to reflect that in naming our Potomac Valley Pine.

Potomac, Montana, is home to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking countryside. The region is surrounded by hills and forests and located just west of the towering Ruby Range. The landscape is incredibly lush and has ample fresh mountain water running through it, thanks to the famous Blackfoot River and countless branching streams.

This area has a long ranching history and remains home to some of the world's largest private ranches. Many have original structures still standing that date back to the mid-1800s when cowboys first started driving large herds of cattle into the region. In those days, the Potomac Valley was even more rough and rugged. To make it through the long winters, the ranchers needed to shape the frontier into usable land using their hands, simple tools and the trees they had available.

Reclaimed Flooring From Montana Tobacco Barns

For many ranchers, tobacco provided one of life's small luxuries, but they couldn't just run to the store. With a huge supply of fertile land, they grew and cultivated their own tobacco. For drying, they built tobacco barns with boards milled from the tall pine trees native to the area. Pine made up every part of the barn and was used to make the siding, rafters, floor joists and the rest of the wooden structure.

Some of the barns grew to be quite large and stood for over a hundred years before finally coming down. When they did, we rescued the boards and repurposed them into our reclaimed pine softwood flooring. This flooring is authentic, naturally aged and has unique weathering that adds to the already rustic appearance.

Learn More About Our Potomac Valley Tobacco Pine Reclaimed Flooring for Sale

Potomac Valley Tobacco pine reclaimed flooring is free from tobacco odors and any hardware, and you can order yours as a finished or unfinished product. To get a custom estimate, please fill out our online contact form, and we will get back to you soon.