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Sweet Grass Frontier Fir Reclaimed Flooring


Sweet Grass Frontier fir reclaimed flooring is as big as the prairie and just as beautiful. These planks come from quiet towns across the western frontier, where they saw over 100 years of use under boots that traveled far and wide.


Reclaimed old-growth Douglas fir sourced from 19th-century prairie homes, barns and other town structures.


  • Thickness: All these planks are milled to the same 3/4-inch thickness.
  • Size: The boards vary in size, with lengths between 2 and 12 feet and widths from 3 to 12 inches.
  • Appearance: These planks have a solid profile, wide grain, original nail holes, checking, knots and streaking.
  • Tones: Sweet Grass Frontier fir has a honey undertone with light to medium red and brown hues.
  • Pricing: Prices vary by board. Contact us for pricing.

Reclaimed Fir Flooring From the Old West

The 19th century saw a massive migration west. The frontier looked almost endless and offered a pure land of opportunity for those willing to risk it. This was the time of the Oregon Trail, and pioneers would form wagon trains for safety and protection as they made their way across the plains. Ahead of them were the country's earliest lumberjacks, clearing forests and sending logs to the mill to produce lumber the settlers needed to start their new lives.

In the 1800s, the country had more forests, and many of them had towering Douglas fir evergreens. These trees have lifespans that last up to three centuries and grow well over 100 feet tall. Due to their numbers, size and natural beauty, Douglas firs were exceedingly popular for building back then and remain so today. As the settlers headed west, their anticipation would grow until they came across one of the great timber stands that dotted the landscape.

Here, settlers bought the wood and other supplies they needed to get started. They used the fresh-cut fir to build homes, barns, stables, the local sheriff's office and the other structures they needed to transform the open plains into the frontier towns you picture today. The successful settlements stood for years, and some lasted a century or more. Now, with the buildings going down in favor of new construction, their history lives on as reclaimed fir softwood flooring.

Douglas Fir Reclaimed Flooring for Sale

Our Sweet Grass Frontier fir reclaimed flooring comes directly from those wooden structures that once made up the dusty prairie towns so integral to our nation's past. This reclaimed fir softwood flooring is an authentic product with a gorgeous natural, aged patina and random markings that tell a story and add character. This flooring gives any home a unique look and forges a nostalgic connection to the people who shaped the frontier over 100 years ago.

Order Reclaimed Fir Softwood Flooring for Your Home

Add your legacy to the rich history of our Sweet Grass Frontier fir reclaimed flooring. To get a quote, reach out to us online, and we'll get back to you soon.