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Snowcrest Maple Hardwood Flooring


Characterized by the epic storms that pound the towering mountains of Montana, our Snowcrest Maple enriches and beautifies homes everywhere. Snowcrest Maple is machined through an antique, 60-in. saw blade to replicate the look of early milling.



Old-growth maple trees over 100 years old.


  • Appearance: Snowcrest Maple encompasses a delicate balance of sound knots. Boards have a solid profile and distinctive saw marks.
  • Tones: Circle Sawn maple is stunning. This is truly a species of distinction with its beautiful white base and rich light brown tones that grow deeper with age.
  • Size: This flooring is available in massive lengths and widths. Boards range in size from 2 to 12 feet long and 3 to 9 inches wide.
  • Thickness: Snowcrest Maple wide-plank hardwood flooring boards are all 3/4-inches thick.
  • Finish: Our maple hardwood planks all ship unfinished.
  • Pricing: Contact us for pricing.

Why Install Solid Maple Hardwood Flooring?

If you're looking at installing hardwood floors, maple makes an excellent choice. This light-colored hardwood is one of the most popular domestic woods used for flooring due to its:

  • Strength: Maple is one of the hardest domestic woods. Planks made from this species are exceptionally resistant to scratching and damage. With minimal ongoing cleaning and care, Snowcrest Maple hardwood flooring will last for decades.
  • Beauty: Maple is naturally light-colored and exudes a radiance that brightens any room. The varying tones lend even more beauty to this species and the circular saw marks add a rustic look reminiscent of what you might see back in the Old West.
  • Consistency: Maple wood, has tight and consistent grain. You can expect to find fewer knots and imperfections than with other species, giving maple flooring more integrity and lending to a clean, smooth and seamless appearance once installed.

Let Us Guide You Through The Woods®

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