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August 17, 2015

Tigerwood Decking

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Robust and Unique, Tigerwood Decks are a Preferred Choice

Tigerwood_DeckingRegardless of which region of the country you happen to reside, outdoor wood decking is subjected to a considerable amount of natural abuse — rain, sleet, snow, ice, hail, wind, and of course, the relentless pounding of the sun day after day. As your first and strongest line of defense against the elements, natural wood is without a doubt the number one preferred choice for decking. It’s sturdy, easy to work with, attractive, and it comes in a wide variety of sizes.

Recognized industry-wide as one of the more beautiful and distinctive Brazilian hardwoods, Tigerwood decks are gradually becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Tigerwood showcases a striking wood pattern composed of a reddish/orange background with dark vein striping which gives it a tiger-like appearance. It’s simple to understand why Tigerwood is highly sought after for both interior and exterior applications — it is simply beautiful inside and out.

For outdoor living spaces, Tigerwood is one of the best choices available. Like many other South American hardwoods, Tigerwood is naturally equipped with defenses against termites, rot, and fungi. And thanks to its innate oil resins, Tigerwood decking is virtually watertight, resisting even pressure-treatment. It doesn’t require unsafe chemicals in order to protect the wood from normal wear and tear. And because it’s a very heavy wood, Tigerwood possesses a higher than average shock resistance rating and low retractability. With its fine, straight grain, the risk of distortion is very little, making Tigerwood a perfect hardwood for hot tub or swimming pool surrounds.

So when you are ready for your decking project the choice is clear – Superior Hardwoods and Millwork of Montana is your decking source. By stocking large quantities of decking we are able to meet your needs quickly and professionally.

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