Hickory #1 Common Wood Flooring

Hickory 1 Common Grade Flooring

Hickory #1 Common

Hickory features a dramatic variation in colors that are sometimes referred to as “calico” in appearance.  The overall look is similar to that of the character grades of maple. The #1 Common always presents stunning contrasts from creamy white to tan, to dark browns and deep chocolates. Some black mineral streaking and tight knots are also visible. Hickory is a very dense wood and is highly durable.

Grade Description:
This grade of hickory contains substantial color variation, multiple solid knots, and dark mineral streaks. This flooring expresses character and exudes rustic elegance. It is a perfect choice for both contemporary and rustic décor.

Face Widths: 2-1/4”, 3-1/4”
Thickness: ¾”     Finish: Unfinished