February 2, 2022

Using Reclaimed Lumber in Restaurants

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Using Reclaimed Lumber in Restaurants

Repurposed lumber can be used for a number of architectural purposes. With its durability, style and low environmental impact, reclaimed lumber is perfect for designing spaces in the restaurant industry. From flooring to furniture, reclaimed wood is versatile enough to add style to any dining atmosphere. The right environment in a restaurant will make customers comfortable, cheerful and more likely to return for food or drinks.

Whether you want to build a reclaimed wooden bar, table or chair, the historic and vintage feel of this lumber will create a beautiful atmosphere in your restaurant. It can also provide your restaurant with durable and unique flooring to last a lifetime. By using reclaimed wood in the design and decor of your business, you can create a space your visitors will love.

What is Reclaimed Lumber?

What Is Reclaimed Lumber?

Reclaimed lumber is wood that is recycled and reused to build eco-friendly and sustainable buildings for businesses and homes. Much of today’s recycled wood is centuries old because it comes from a time when there was an abundance of lumber production in Europe and North America. 

Sawmills were common during the Industrial Revolution, and most of the wood in today’s businesses and homes comes from warehouses, mills, factories and railways of France and the United States. Repurposed lumber also originates from structures such as old barns, wine casks, stock farms and other sources. 

Using reclaimed lumber is a popular way to fill construction needs while protecting our environment. Repurposed wood can be centuries old, depending on where the material is from. Lumber that is over 100 years old is especially popular and durable for high-traffic areas because it has a tight grain that makes the material hard-wearing and resistant.

Reclaimed wood companies will recycle materials from structures that are constructed with virgin wood when they’re demolished or removed. All types of lumber can be reclaimed, but Douglas fir, oak and pine are the most common species of repurposed wood. Oak is popular because it has the most versatile color and finishing options. 

What Is Reclaimed Lumber Used For?

Reclaimed lumber can be used for a number of different purposes. The primary purpose of this wood is for home building and decoration projects, but it can be used to enhance any type of structure. Due to its durability, reclaimed lumber is a perfect option for flooring in high-traffic areas. It’s also a great choice for walls and furniture because of its timeless beauty. 

The uses for reclaimed lumber are not limited to flooring, walls and structures, though. Reclaimed wood can be used to build almost anything, such as furniture, and it can fit the needs of a wide range of architectural projects. This material can contribute to a vintage rustic aesthetic or even create an elegant modern look. Its versatility makes for endless possibilities.

Using Reclaimed Wood in Restaurants

When people dine in a restaurant, they’re looking for more than just a place to eat. They want to find a fun and inviting atmosphere to enjoy a night out. If restaurant customers like the environment and feel comfortable eating in the space, they will be more likely to return for future meals. 

Materials are an essential part of interior design, and reclaimed wood can create a beautiful atmosphere in any restaurant. This material has a warm and inviting aesthetic, and it can complement many styles. Reclaimed wood can be used in restaurants as flooring or in the following ways:

Hostess Stands

The hostess stand is the first thing that people see when they enter a restaurant, so it can contribute to their initial impression of the atmosphere. The hostess stand should be organized and visually appealing to create a positive flow that sets the mood that will carry through the customer’s experience. A decorative hostess stand can catch customers’ attention and set their dining experience off to a positive start. You can use reclaimed wood to accent your hostess stand and create a rustic or vintage look.

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Bar Tops and Tabletops

The design of bar tops and tabletops is important in a restaurant because these surfaces are what your customers will look at the most during their dining experience. A customer will have a positive impression of the restaurant if they see a beautiful reclaimed wood countertop or similar surface. When a reclaimed wood table is sealed, it has a clean look with a glistening shine that appeals to customers and creates an aesthetically pleasing dining experience.

Chairs and Barstools

Reclaimed wood barstools and chairs are perfect for restaurants. Comfort is important when people sit down to eat. Customers are more likely to stay longer and enjoy extra food and drinks when they feel comfortable. Chairs or booths should be sturdy and durable, and they should have a body-fitting backrest. 

Sturdiness and durability are also important for barstools, but since they don’t have a backrest it’s important to ensure that the seat padding is high-quality. Reclaimed wooden stools, benches and chairs are durable and unique, which makes them the perfect options to create comfortable and attractive seating for your customers.

Light Fixtures

The lighting of your restaurant is what sets the mood and helps enhance your customers’ dining experience. Dim lighting can set the tone for a relaxed, cozy and maybe even romantic atmosphere. Large, beautiful light fixtures can become conversation pieces if they catch customers’ attention. There are various uses for recycled lumber when it comes to light fixtures.

Reclaimed lumber can be used to box in a light fixture installed in a wall, or this material can serve as a shelf to hold a standing lamp of some kind. Many people also choose to add light bulbs to reclaimed wooden beams. For a rustic or vintage look, you can wrap string lights around beams, or you can drill lightbulbs into the beams for a more modern style.

Wall Paneling

Wall paneling is another important aspect of restaurant design. This feature surrounds customers and catches their attention at eye level, so it’s important to pick an attractive design. Paneling can add color and style variation to any room, or you can use it to create a unified look by installing the same type of paneling on different columns. Reclaimed lumber is a great option for wall paneling because of its unique look.

Accent Panels

Wood paneling doesn’t have to cover all of your restaurant walls to create a beautiful ambiance. You can also use reclaimed wood to make a stylish accent wall. An accent wall is a single wall that is a different style, color or material than the walls that surround it. For example, a restaurant can have brick walls with one accent wall made from reclaimed wood panels. This design element can draw attention and add a gorgeous splash of style to any space.

Wood panels can also frame focal points in your restaurant, such as brick ovens or entryways. Framing certain unique features in your restaurant with reclaimed wood can complement and draw attention to them.

Rustic Flooring

Flooring is an essential element to consider when designing your restaurant. A reclaimed wood floor can help you style your restaurant space in a way that integrates history and character. This material can complement any type of atmosphere, whether it’s vintage and rustic or sleek and modern. Using repurposed wooden flooring is also an effective way to tie your restaurant’s interior together by creating a background that complements your beautiful reclaimed wood furniture or shows off other fixtures. 

Ceiling Beams

You can use recycled wood in your restaurant in more ways than furniture and flooring. Even the ceiling can benefit from stylish repurposed lumber. Integrating reclaimed wooden beams can add a rustic touch to complement your restaurant’s style and create a vibrant atmosphere. 

Decorative Items

Reclaimed wood is also helpful for small projects that can add a touch of style to your restaurant space. You can use recycled lumber materials to create small decorative and functional items such as condiment racks, napkin holders, utensil containers or picture frames. Many artisans use repurposed lumber, so you can find products made from recycled wood, as well. Reclaimed wood’s adaptability allows you to have the artistic freedom to think of creative ways to use it in your restaurant space.

Benefits of Reclaimed Lumber

The Benefits of Reclaimed Lumber

One of the main advantages of using reclaimed lumber in the restaurant industry is that it is so versatile. When you choose to use repurposed wood in your restaurant space, there are limitless possibilities to the looks it can create. Using reclaimed wood has other benefits, as well, that include the following:

Strength and Durability

Reclaimed wood is more stable and durable than newer wood. It’s not as likely to split because it has already spent many years adjusting to cold and hot temperatures. Being exposed to the atmosphere for so long allows this material to complete all of the contracting and expanding that it will ever do, so it is not at risk for splitting due to further exposure to changing humidity or temperatures.

Reclaimed timber is also less likely to warp because its grain is denser than the grain in new lumber. The denser grain makes it sturdier, which is why reclaimed wood floors are perfect for high-traffic areas.

Environmental Impact

Using reclaimed lumber in the restaurant industry has a positive environmental impact because it reduces the amount of new lumber that is used. Over our years in business, we have formed partnerships with both reclaimed sources and new material manufacturers. The owners of these properties take special care to plant more trees than they harvest for conservation reasons. However, without regulations and intervention from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), many foreign countries suffer from deforestation.

Repurposing wood is a helpful way to continue conserving the environment. Choosing to use reclaimed lumber for our businesses cuts back on the amount of material that is sent to landfills because the old wood is reused rather than thrown away. 

In addition, using reclaimed wood reduces the number of new materials such as plastics that need to be used in projects. In turn, this cuts back on materials that pollute our environment. The type of wood that is used in construction also has an impact on wildlife. Many different species of animals rely on trees for shelter and food, so when old lumber is used instead of new lumber, we can leave more trees for animals to thrive on.

Charming Character

Reclaimed wood has a more charming and unique look than other lumber options. Repurposed lumber has distinctive markings and knots that set it apart from other wood and give it character. An interesting tidbit is that the growth rings of these trees are different from newer trees. There are more growth rings in reclaimed wood. The trees grew slower making the wood denser and tighter, this being because these trees had many more years to grow before being cut down.

Since reclaimed wood can be hundreds of years old, it often carries history. The wood that you use to style your restaurant may have come from an old tavern in the United States or a cozy little cottage in Europe. This historical element of reclaimed wood also makes this material stand out from newer woods.

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