April 3, 2015

Wide Plank Flooring – Handcrafted One Plank at a Time

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Grainery_PhotoSuperior Hardwoods of Montana continues to strive to become a major leader in the reclaimed wood flooring industry. One of the unique opportunities I have been given is working with others in the organization to develop and brand new flooring products.  One of my favorites has been the “Glacier Grainery” wide plank hard wood flooring from our Heirloom Series.

This exclusive floor is 100% reclaimed and re-purposed from old grain elevators scattered throughout our the western United States. I have highlighted an incredible example in the photo above of the old  “Occident Flour” grain elevator which is on the edge of Stillwater County in Reeds Point, MT.  This area is rich in history and its main industry was mining and agriculture.  Reeds Point is also famous for its “Running of the Sheep, Sheep Drive” held every year in late August.

Although there are many types of grain elevators, we reclaim and manufacture our Glacier Grainery wide plank hardwood flooring from what are known as “wood-cribbed” structures. This is the type you see in the photo and were, and still are, found throughout the Western United states. This common design was used from the early 1900′s to the mid 1980′s. These elevators served as large scale grain storage bins, and refer to a place where local and regional farmers could participate in the global market place. Grain is moved primarily by rail cars to ports on both the east and west coasts. Ocean going ships then transport grains throughout the world.

Our Glacier Grainery Wide Plank Flooring is typically manufactured from 2 x 6, 2 x 8 and some 2 x 10 wood cribbing blanks.  One of the most important processes comes on the manufacturing side of our business is to maintain as much as possible the original finish with its tones and textures. This gives us the ability to really capture the authentic historical appearance, highlighting the medium to brown coloring, as well as the original nail holes and beautiful saw marks.

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