September 1, 2015

Glacier Grainery Reclaimed Fir & Pine Flooring

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Glacier Grainery Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Glacier Grainery Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Just as its namesake “Glacier ” is the crown of the continent, this member of our Heirloom series is glorious and a standout in its own right, reflecting days of rugged history. Let the beauty of Glacier Grainery capture your imagination and transport you back in time – a time when “made in America” meant something, and flooring was built to stand the test of time.

Our reclaimed wide-plank Pine flooring proudly shows its dramatic and original history off with a glance. With its historic, aged appearance, Glacier Grainery features medium to deep browns, golden highlights, and dramatic, original saw marks. You can also expect nail holes, sound cracks, and checking. Have the best of both worlds by bringing historic jewels of the past and enjoying them in the present.

We believe these battle scars from past lives help distinguish our reclaimed wide-plank wood flooring from any other options. Gazing at the well-worn planks, it’s easy to get lost in imagining their past lives, perhaps on a farm or in a thriving Old West town. Maybe they even made up one of the pioneer wagons that came to the west! We encourage you to let your imagination run wild with our reclaimed rustic wide-plank flooring.

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Glacier Grainery Flooring

Go Green With Our Reclaimed Flooring

Another advantage to using reclaimed flooring, in addition to connecting you with your rich past, is that it’s a great way to reuse materials that would otherwise go to waste. By investing in rustic reclaimed wide-plank Pine flooring, you will:

  • Breathe new life into old material and help make our earth a greener planet
  • Wisely re-purposing antique material is not only environmentally responsible but add a unique accent to your home
  • Be a pioneer in sustainability for your generation and promote the ease of using reclaimed materials

Buying green products makes you feel good, and it helps reduce waste. It’s a decision our Old West forefathers, who practiced the art of recycling before it was even called that, would applaud.

Buy Your New Reclaimed Wood Flooring Today

Contact us to get a quote on our wide-plank flooring. Once you’ve ordered, there’s no waiting around when you choose a product we have in stock. We’ll deliver it immediately so you can get the floor you’ve always dreamed of!