August 17, 2015

Wood Flooring

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Whatever your decor, wood flooring can be the perfect complement. Whether your style is contemporary, traditional, or rustic, wood floors add character and ambiance that are hard to duplicate with any other type of flooring. The timeless appeal and beauty of wood flooring enhance the look of any home or commercial space. With simple maintenance, you can enjoy gorgeous wood floors that will retain their appeal over the years.

Offering Top-Quality Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring for Sale

There’s something effortlessly beautiful about reclaimed wood. It speaks to our connections with the past and our appreciation for the natural bounty of our great land. The reclaimed wood flooring we offer for sale has already lived one incredible life, perhaps as a barn or a building in the Old West or a fence around a farm.

We give it another life by taking these pieces of the past and turning them into flooring for your residential or business space. You can enjoy the best of both worlds. You get a nostalgic reminder of bygone eras, but also a product that’s been optimized through modern engineering to last for the long haul.

Thanks to durable finishes, wood floors can enjoy a very long life. A little sweeping or vacuuming, followed by mopping, will ensure that your hardwood floors will look great for many years to come. Even families with pets and children quickly find that it’s easier to clean hardwood floors than to remove ground-in dirt and stains from carpets.

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring for Sale

Prices and quality are the two most important factors in choosing your reclaimed wood flooring. We want to give you the best cost and products, along with outstanding service. Our family-owned company has made an investment in finding kind and helpful employees, all of whom have been with us for at least six years, to answer your questions and guide you through the buying process. We want you to love our flooring as much as we do.

Find the Best Reclaimed Wood Flooring Prices

There are a myriad of wood floor choice in today’s marketplace and Superior Hardwoods of Montana is proud to offer the best options you’ll find. You’ll be impressed by our incredible choices in woods, colors, and reclaimed vs. new options. You’re sure to find the perfect option for your home or building project.

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Need guidance? That’s where Superior Hardwoods really excels. We enjoy helping our customers find the perfect wood solution and our 35+ years of experience ensures you’ll receive the attention and expert advice you seek. Let Us Guide You Through the Woods!