August 17, 2015

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

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For Ultimate Flexibility in Hardwood Floor Appearance

Why choose unfinished hardwood floors? For ultimate versatility and customization!

While it does take more time to install than prefinished floors, finishing your own hardwood floors gives you far more options when it comes to stain choices, colors, and the resulting look that best fits your home or commercial space. You can modify the appearance of your unfinished hardwood floors by applying stain prior to sealing the wood. You have far more color choices than available to you with prefinished flooring options. Whether you prefer high gloss or stain finished, or lighter or darker tones, unfinished hardwood floors provide you with the most flexibility to match to your personal style.

See Superior Hardwood’s unfinished hardwood flooring options by clicking the links below.

Classic Series

Old World Series

Traditional Series

Wilderness Series