August 17, 2015

Classic Series Flooring

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The Classic Series is just that “” classic. Elegant woods such as maple, cherry, and walnut provide a classic, elegant look to any home or setting.

What Is Special About Classic Series Hardwood Flooring?

Unlike other types of narrow hardwood flooring, classic narrow hardwood flooring is usually a little wider, with 3-, 4- or 5-inch strips, and it features closed-grain woods like walnut or maple. While narrow hardwood flooring was a staple of turn-of-the-20th-century homes, this type of classic flooring was considered a little bit higher end. You would be more likely to find it in upper-class homes than in the standard home, which would usually have narrow oak strips making up their floors.

This polished, elegant flooring style, while vintage, can fit in with just about any home décor, even in more modern homes. Naturally, it also fits seamlessly in homes that feature vintage décor. This type of flooring creates a nostalgic feel that brings many people back to a simpler time, and it also connotes a level of quality that it is difficult to find in the modern world. A good wood floor that can last for centuries is a one-of-a-kind item that everyone should be able to appreciate.

Maple, Cherry or Walnut Classic Flooring

Whether you choose maple, cherry or walnut will be a matter of personal preference, as all are elegant, durable, beautiful woods. Maple tends to be much lighter than other closed-grain woods. It is extremely hard. In fact, it is used for bowling alleys, but it has a very silky, smooth feel. Its grain pattern is often characterized by whirls or waves. Cherry wood starts out light but gets darker when exposed to sunlight, while walnut is the darkest of these and tends to feature more knots.

For more information about the various types of woods we use in classic narrow hardwood flooring or for more information about hardwood flooring in general, feel free to contact us.