October 7, 2022

Wall Paneling Trends of 2022 that Will Carry into 2023

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Homeowners are always looking for new ways to decorate their homes. Wood wall paneling is an oldie but goodie that people have recently popularized to make their space look beautiful and sophisticated. Wood walls date back to the Victorian era, eventually becoming a staple in mid-century homes. Since then, the style has been adapted to enhance classic and contemporary interiors. 

If you’re considering wood paneling for your home or business, continue reading to learn the benefits and get some design inspiration from the latest trends. 

What Is Wall Paneling?

Wall paneling is a classic wall covering that grew in popularity from the 1950s through the 1970s. The vintage texture and charm have reappeared as a popular design feature in modern homes. Modern wall paneling is made from various materials, including traditional hardwood, engineered wood board or synthetic products cut into large sheets or single planks. 

Wood paneling is extremely versatile and blends well with numerous interior styles. It can be installed vertically, horizontally, on the ceiling or across the lower half of the wall as wainscoting. You can embrace the natural wood finish or paint it to achieve your desired look. The interior design possibilities are endless. 

The Benefits of Wall Paneling

Wood paneling can enhance your space visually and functionally. Consider the following benefits: 

  • Stylish: Wood is a classic design element that will never go out of style. Wall paneling brings warmth and natural texture to your space. It looks cozy in rustic rooms, luxurious in colonial-style homes and sleek in mid-century modern interiors. 
  • Insulating: Wall paneling provides natural insulation, especially if it’s made from real wood. The panels are typically installed over a rigid foam board, which adds yet another layer of padding. Wall panels help maintain a comfortable temperature and provide soundproofing. 
  • Coverage of flaws: If your walls look rough and worn out, you can install paneling over them to hide damaged areas. Doing so can save you hours of hard work patching and sanding old cracks and dents that might show through fresh paint. 
  • Durable: Wall paneling is a lot more durable than paint or wallpaper, especially if it’s solid wood. If it’s dented or scratched, you can easily sand off the damage and reseal it. Or, you can remove the entire board and replace it with a fresh one. Your paneling will look new for decades.
  • Eco-friendly: Solid wood paneling is much more environmentally friendly than other wall coverings. It’s typically sourced from sustainable forests that plant twice as many trees as they harvest. There are also plenty of reclaimed wood options that repurpose materials from old structures. They look beautiful and breathe new life into wood that was cut decades ago. Plus, the material will last for generations without needing replacement like paint or wallpaper. 

Wall Paneling Trends for 2022

Wall paneling is extremely versatile. You could use it differently in every room of the house. Consider these interior design ideas to inspire your next home improvement project: 

1. Accent Wall

A wood accent wall will completely transform your space. It adds warmth and texture to make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Different shades and grains of wood can achieve your desired style. Paneling with a lot of color variation adds character to a rustic interior. Alternatively, panels with a similar tone and grain look modern and sleek. 

2. Kitchen Island 

As painted cabinets become one of the most popular interior design trends, installing wood paneling on the kitchen island adds a natural contrast and ties in wood floors beautifully. You can cover the entire base with wood paneling or use the panels as a protective accent on the side where people sit. 

3. Fireplace Frame

A fireplace is typically the room’s focal point, and surrounding it with wood paneling can make an even bigger statement. Install a column of wood paneling from floor to ceiling to draw the eye up and make your fireplace look grand. You can also use wood paneling to replicate a chimney’s look if you don’t have one.  A warm fire surrounded by natural colors and textures will make the room feel even cozier.

4. Wooden Ceiling 

The ceiling is often overlooked as a place to add style and character to a room. Installing wood paneling on vaulted or high ceilings will make the room feel bigger and more luxurious. Adding natural elements like wood gives the space a rustic elegance that feels homey and relaxing. 

5. Vertical Panels

Horizontal wall panels look classic and traditional, but flipping them vertically creates the illusion of height and blends well with a contemporary aesthetic. The width of the planks also impacts the room’s look and feel. Wider vertical planks are ideal for creating a modern design. 

6. Built-In Background

Built-in shelves are beautiful and convenient, but they’re also quite costly. You can achieve the same look yourself by installing vertical wood paneling behind a set of floating shelves. The result will look like a high-end custom bookcase you can use to display your favorite pictures and decor. 

7. Formal Entryway 

Open-concept homes are extremely popular, but they typically lack a formal entryway. Installing wood paneling around your home’s entrance can help make it feel like a separate area where you can hang up your coat and settle into the space. 

Choosing Superior Hardwoods of Montana

Wall paneling provides natural beauty and texture to enhance any interior design. At Superior Hardwoods of Montana, our antique reclaimed wall paneling is sourced from old barns, industrial-age factories and blacksmith shops so you can preserve a piece of history in your home. Reclaimed wood has unique character and charm to give your space a one-of-a-kind look. We offer numerous woods, colors and sizes to blend with different interior styles. Our Rocky Mountain Series includes: 

Our reclaimed wall paneling has been weathered over hundreds of years to reflect the rugged beauty of the rocky Montana landscape. It’s extremely versatile whether you choose to cover an entire room, entryway, kitchen island or fireplace. 


Transform Your Home With Reclaimed Wall Paneling

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